Pedestals provide a comfortable working height

October 2023

A washing machine rise or pedestal puts a washer or dryer at a comfortable height where loading and unloading the machine is easier. So you need to bend down less and can stay upright. Ideal for people with and to prevent back problems. Also handy: a pedestal creates extra storage space under the machine for the laundry basket, for example.

Improved working height

The ideal working height is slighty below elbow length. That is on average around 1 meter in height. A front-loading washer has a height of 85 cm and a top-loading washer has a height of 90 cm. So for a good working height, a washer or dryer has to be raised between 30 and 50 cm.

Do all appliances fit on a pedestal?

When buying a riser, always consider the width and depth of the washer or dryer and also consider the weight of the appliance.


A front-loading washing machine usually has a standard width of 60 cm. For a top-loading washer, the width is 40 cm. SCANPART's boosters are 61 cm wide and therefore only suitable for front-loading washing machines. These are also the most sold in the Netherlands.


The depth of a front-loading washing machine ranges from 60 to 70 cm, depending on protrusions at the front and back, such as the door, for example. This oftend involves looking only at the top, but there are also appliances that taper at the bottom. Here the dimensions are usually between 48 and 58 cm. So when considering the depth of the appliance, it is important to look at the bottom. Also note how far apart the leveling feet are under the appliance. Often this is 55 cm.

SCANPART pedestal with an open top fit appliances with a space between the leveling feet from 51 to 55 cm. Choose the washing machine base with a closed top if you are unsure about the appropraite depth.


Also pay attention to the weight of your washer. A dryer is generally not that heavy, but a washing machine, because of the concrete block that prevents it from '' dancing'' during spin, can be a bit heavier.

Heavy washing machines often weigh 90 kg empty, and then the laundry and water are added. This usually brings the weight to 125 kg. Additional weight is added by the movement during spinning. That is why the SCANPART pedestals have a high load capacity with a maximum load of 150 kg.

Materials used and additional features

The washing machine pedestals are made of cold-rolled steel and finished with a powder coating. The pedestals are painted in RAL9003 (signal white) color. This color matches well with the usually white washing machines en clothes dryers.

Often the feet of the pedestal can be adjusted in height so that the pedestal with machine on it can be leveled. 

A fully welded base has the advantage that vibrations during use of the washing machine have no effect on the construction of the base. Moreover, it does not need to be assembled, which saves time. Correctly screwed together SCANPART pedestals are also stable in use, such as the 40 cm high ergonomic version.

Different types of raisers

There are several types of pedestals used to raise washers and dryers.

#1 Open pedestal

A pedestal with an open top is the entry-level model, which is purely about increasing the working height. Under the pedestal you create space to place your own laundry basket.

#2 Open pedestal with basket

With an open pedestal with sliding basket, a storage drawer is already mounted to the pedestal. This drawer hangs neatly above the ground and can be easily slid in and out.

#3 Semi-sealed pedestal

The advantage of a semi-closed plinth is that it can also be placed with the closed side facing forward. In this process, the machine is thus both raised, and neatly closed. The plate used ensures an extra stable construction.

#4 Pedestal with drawer

With a pedestal with drawer, everthing is nicely finished. The adventage of this is that detergents, for example, can be stored neatly out of sight. There is also less dust compared to an open basket. There are versions with or without a handle.

Here are the two main benefits of a booster:

1. More comfortable working height.
2. Extra storage space under the unit.

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