G-TECH: Improved Alkaline batteries from GP

September 2023

Meet the new GP Power family - Super, Ultra and Ultra+!

The new and improved range of Alkaline batteries is powered by G-TECH, a breakthrough innovation that increases battery power by up to 200%. Thanks to the unique and durable packaging design, the batteries can be easily stored and material consumption is minimized.

Alkaline G-TECH comes in all shapes and sizes, for all your needs.

• Super Alkaline
Stable and ready for daily energy needs,
50% extra energy for the moments when it is needed.

• Ultra Alkaline
Get more out of every moment
80% more output to make every moment more beautiful.

• Ultra+ Alkaline
Ultimate energy in your hands,
200% extra power and lifespan for uninterrupted energy.

What is G-TECH?


• High-density Zinc S powder
High-density Zinc S powder in the power core provides fast, potent power generation and improved performance.

• The multi-ring core with high-purity graphite
Enhances electrical conductivity and preserves power for use over longer periods of time.

• Streamlined Inner Design
Together with tough, corrosion-proof steel, increases the capacity of reactive materials for higher power generation.

• Patented Leakage Prevention
A patented nylon sealing ring and durable corrosion-proof design ensure long-term battery storage while preventing battery leakage.

You can now buy the new GP Batteries product line at Elka Pieterman!

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