Ecological cleaning products from HG | sustainable and environmentally conscious

September 2021

HG has released a new Ecological line, these are 12 trusted products in a new ECO jacket. In this article you will find everything you need to know about this new HG ECO line.

1. The HG ECO products are less harmful to the environment. The 12 HG ECO products are free of:

• Preservatives
• Phosphates & Phosphonates
• Dyes
• Microplastics
• Allergens & Parabens
• Chlorine
•‚Äč Glycerin

The packaging also consists of 100% recyclable materials.

2. HG ECO products are just as effective in terms of cleaning as the current HG products. ‘HG does what it promises’

3. The application and ease of use of the HG ECO products are the same as the regular HG range.

In addition, all bottles are produced by HG itself, so no additional transport is necessary. No dyes are used in the HG bottles, which leads to optimal recycling options. The labels of the HG ECO range are made from the natural waste product from the paper industry and are therefore of natural origin. All packaging materials such as the outer cartons are made of 100% recycled material. And logistics material such as pallets are reused throughout the chain via an exchange system.

It is great to see how brands such as HG are making increasingly environmentally conscious choices and formulas to protect the environment together.

This range is only available with the languages Dutch, French and German on the labels.

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