Dryer balls: the advantages

June 2021

There are different types of Scanpart dryer balls available, including a plastic and a wool version. They offer many advantages, which is why Scanpart’s dryer balls are so popular. The dryer balls are easily added to the laundry and can be used several times, but what exactly are the advantages of this environmentally friendly product?

#1 Fabric softener replacement

First of all, dryer balls are a substitute for fabric softeners. The dryer balls are a natural way to soften fabrics without the addition of harmful chemicals. Beneficial for your clothes as well as your wallet!

#2 Wrinkle-free and no more static

The dryer balls do not only ensure that laundry becomes soft and supple, they also ensure a wrinkle-free laundry that is no longer static. In addition, dryer balls minimizes the build-up of fluff and can be used in all types and brands of dryers.

#3 Shortened drying time & energy savings

Dryer balls reduce the drying time of the laundry by 25%. This is because dryer balls cause the warm air to be distributed more efficiently in the machine. Besides saving time, this means that you also save energy and therefore money.

# 4 Environmentally friendly

Dryer balls contribute to a better environment since they help to avoid fabric softener and save energy. Moreover, the Scanpart range also includes wool dryer balls made of 100% sheep wool, which is an ecological alternative to plastic dryer balls. Therefore, both the product itself, as well as the packaging, is recyclable. Wool dryer balls also produce less noise than plastic dryer balls.

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